About the Wanderers

Pete writes…

In October 2015 I was cleaning out my man cave. I came across a travel journal about our 2008 Norway trip. I had totally forgotten that this book even existed. I sat down and read through a couple of days’ worth of entries. Wow. While we remember much of the trip itself, much of what we did does tend to blur over time. For example, we may remember something you did, but was it on the Monday before we took that ferry, of was it after the incident with the Swiss tourists?

As we read through the entries we were reminded of so many small details as memories came flooding back. We laughed as we reminsiced about our trip and there and then decided that:

  1. From now on we would record our trips in a journal
  2. As best as we could we would write-up trips we had taken since Norway and get as much as we can on this blog.

Purpose of this blog

The blog is therefore really for our benefit and as a way to archive our adventures. However, if anyone else finds any of our entries helpful in any way to anyone then that’s a bonus.

Mainly though this blog is a little self-indulgant. As we learned from our Norway journal, often it’s the minutiae that really bring a journey to life and reignite memories. Therefore we make no apology if our entries drone on a bit. Just skip over anything you find tedious.

Conversely, some of our trips for which there is no journal will have rather short entries. They will be pieced together from memory and with photos taken along the way. They will stand as a reminder that a little extra effort made during a holiday can add so much how it is remembered.

It also helps get your money’s worth!